About Us

Our story begins…

with a lifelong love affair of chocolate and our founder’s big hearted wish for a world in which delicious treats could be enjoyed with peace of mind. Diana Lovett wanted to create a company that would utilize only ethically responsible cocoa while supporting small-scale farmers. She traveled the world from West Africa to Central America to find the perfect beans and discovered FUNDOPO, an Organic, Fair Trade cooperative in the Dominican Republic.  Its USDA Organic, single-origin, signature cocoa powder is now the base of all of Cissé’s products.


But finding the best cocoa was only the beginning.

Once Diana successfully pitched a region of Whole Foods in 2012, she set off on a mission to bring Cissé to everyone. Diana and Team Cissé spent weekends driving up and down the East Coast to introduce our baking mixes and hot cocoa to new audiences far and wide.


Along the way…

we started mixing up new cocoa creations. While experimenting in the kitchen, we spread out our brownies out really thin to see what would happen and what came out was a crazy addictive brownie thin. We added our favorite toppings and Super Thins were born!  Super Thins are now rolling out across the country and as we continue to grow, Diana is sticking to Cissé’s mantra:

Real ingredients, sourced with care, made with love.