Cissé is pronounced, “see-say.” It’s a traditional name from West Africa, and reminds Diana of the first time she met cocoa farmers on a trip to West Africa, the experience that inspired her to start Cissé Cocoa.

No way! They’re just hard to resist! Cissé Trading Co. is all about creating pastry-chef-quality treats with ease.

Absolutely! We use organic, Fair Trade cocoa powder and sugar. And if you take a look at any ingredient lists, you’ll find that every single one of our ingredients are items you will recognize.

For a rich cup of cocoa, we recommend whole milk. But if you have low fat or non-fat milk, that’s just fine, too. Our cocoa is also really, really tasty with almond, rice, or soy milk.

We believe that helping our consumers to fully understand where their food comes from is essential to the sustainability and quality of everything one consumes. We pride ourselves in purchasing Fair Trade certified and organic ingredients because we care about our farmers and want you to care right along with us. Doesn’t it feel good to help others while helping yourself…to another cookie?!