Meet the Farmers


FUNDOPO cooperative is a Fair Trade certified organization made up of about 1,500 organic cocoa farmers in Altagracia, Dominican Republic.

Their mission is to create improvements in the every day lives of each of its members and the environment. By encouraging the democratic participation of their members, operating with a transparent administration, and promoting the conservation and biodiversity of their land, they strive to be the best cooperative they can be—one where all members have an equal voice to ensure the production of cocoa for generations to come.

With the Fair Trade price premium the producers earn, they collectively create infrastructure in their communities. Since the founding of the cooperative, FUNDOPO’s leaders have successfully executed several projects to date—like creating training groups that teach new methods of farming to improve the quality of their harvests so each farmer can earn higher prices for their crops and hard work. Operating under a rule of fair distribution of goods and services for all of its members, FUNDOPO has an efficiency in their cooperative that one farmer alone could never achieve—like purchasing expensive tools for shared use or dividing tasks and labor to make sure each farmer’s harvest is properly cared for with equal importance.

Scroll through photos to meet a few farmers and learn about how cocoa is grown: